Welcome to OTM Apprenticeships Ltd (OTMA). We are a specialist training agency that delivers high quality apprenticeships in leadership and management, sales, digital skills and customer service across a variety of sectors including travel, retail, energy, health and more.

It is our goal to encourage growth and self-improvement and to future proof learner’s career within the industry allowing them to unlock their full potential. This will in return enhance confidence and performance in the workplace. All our programmes are fully certified.

OTM Apprenticeships Ltd – a specialist training provider licensed by the Government through the Register of Apprenticeship Training Providers (RoATP). We are UKPRN: 10037170

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OTMA Apprenticeships

Travel Consultant Level 3

A newly built programme for OTMA, this qualification is ideal for those wanting to up-skill in their profession as a travel consultant. The programme is designed to enhance the learners knowledge and confidence in a variety of areas that will benefit your organisation. A great way to train your junior staff !

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Sales Executive Level 4

A detailed programme covering a variety of activities to allow the learner to develop a firm understanding of sales techniques whilst incorporating interpersonal skills that are required in different workplace situations. Building confidence on assertive selling and closing the sale!

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Content Producer Level 3

The Junior Content Producer (also referred to as a Creative Content Assistant) is responsible for developing and creating content that can be used across a variety of media including digital, social media, broadcasts or in print. Essential digital skills for all businesses operating in the travels sector.

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Business Administrator Level 3

Designed to enhance leaners skill set within administration. This programme will allow the learners to explore organisational development through different forms and techniques. Strengthening the learners ability to improve processes within the workplace.

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Team Leader Level 3

This programme is for those seeking out more responsibilities, promotion or acting as team leader / supervisor wishing to improve on their management skills. Learners will be given a platform to allow them to confidently carry out managerial activates in line with your organisations expectations.

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Departmental Manager Level 5

Higher education, this foundation degree is built with the more advanced learner in mind, someone who demonstrates the ability to progress into a managerial role or who is currently in a managerial role. This detailed programme will navigate the learner through key activities that will allow the learner to play an instrumental part in the business.

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Customer Service Practitioner Level 2

This is an entry level qualification aimed at the school leaver or those looking to improve on their basic level of customer service. This programme will provide a platform for the learner to build confidence, knowledge and awareness inline with your organisations expectations. Learners will be able to carry out a variety of activities to improve their delivery of excellent customer service.

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Customer Service Specialist Level 3

Providing a more intermediate qualification for the delivery of outstanding customer service. Learners will have the ability to excel in their handling of the organisations equality, diversity and interpersonal skills. Demonstrating a strong understanding of different leadership styles and communication.

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We’re adding new apprenticeship programmes throughout 2022-23 as we work with more and more apprenticeship employers. Book mark our page to keep up to date.

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