Inspirational Leadership

ABMs top level leadership and management courses are designed to challenge and stretch your understanding and role as a leader. Each course is led by an expert lead trainer who provides keynote input, wrap around “before and after” learning materials and follow up 1-2-1s. Great CPD and a good way staying motivated and approaching some old problems from a new angle.

Our Inspirational Leadership courses are available in two formats:

  • Training Rooms: our expert train your staff on premises
  • Virtual Classrooms: we deliver interactive learning online via Zoom, Teams or Starleaf

Email for more details and pricing. Browse our catalogue of courses below and check the course video sample for a taster of some the materials we include…

Management in the Millennial Age

What changed in the year 2000 and how can we as leaders get the most from the younger teams that we lead ?

Here’s some inspiration to get you thinking: Starter for Ten !

Hamza Khan raises some interesting questions and challenges. We pick up and develop these themes.

Ask Gilly to tell you more about our course content…

Leading Back to Front

What would leading from the back look and feel like ?

This course is all about developing a management approach which encourages teams to self lead. We can lead from the wings as much as you can from centre stage …

We use Susan Carter’s famous Ted Talk as a starting point: Susan Carter

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What is a Good Leader ?

Good question ! How can we define good leadership ? Great management ? Good leaders ?

We use Simon Sinek’s famous Ted Talk as a starting point and develop some key ideas from there.

Here’s the video starter: Simon Sinek.

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The ABM Inspirational Leadership suite of courses are available on a flexible basis and delivered as training rooms or virtual classrooms. Call us on 01634 799950 or Email.

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