Management in Health & Care

Welcome to the ABM Management in Health and Care CPD pages. Our courses are designed to support people working in management or leadership roles within the Care sector or Care Home settings.

Our programme is available in three formats:

  • Training Rooms: our experts train your staff on premises
  • Virtual Classrooms: we deliver interactive learning online via Zoom, Teams or Starleaf
  • E-learning: we provide bespoke interactive self led Articulate RISE 360 digital workbooks and assessment.

Our portfolio focusses on key management skills ‘areas’ and these combine well with the practical skills sets developed by our Management Toolkits.

Email for more details and pricing or browse our catalogue of courses below:

Effective Leadership

We all have a slightly unique leadership ‘style’. But are there other styles that might be appropriate in a given context ?

This course is all about different ways of approaching leadership so that you can choose to deploy a variety of leadership techniques and become more effective.

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Managing Conflict

Not many working weeks pass without us having to confront conflicts of one kind or another.

This programme is all about different types of conflict, identifying their origins and developing techniques for confronting and resolving them. A great confidence booster.

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Handling Complaints

How do we respond when we receive a complaint ? What are our response options ? When and how should we escalate and to whom ?

This course looks at ways of managing a complaints process and addressing peoples concerns in the most inclusive and productive ways possible.

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This is a crash course in performance management and the setting of goals and targets.

Performance management is all about creating high performing and contributing teams… great theory… what can we do to build this culture in practice ?

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Managing Safeguarding

This course assumes that participants are already familiar with the core concepts, issues and regulations concerned with Safeguarding and takes a pragmatic looks and how to implement and manage a secure safeguarding environment in a health and care setting.

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Compliance and Safety

We cover 5 key topics and themes:

  1. Legislation and statutory requirements that underpin adult social care provisions. 
  2. Systems and requirements for the regulation of adult social care. 
  3. Different aspects of a CQC inspection and what drives an inspection.
  4. Preparation for the inspection process.
  5. Strategies for the day of inspection and following an inspection.

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The ABM Management in Health and Care suite of courses are available on a flexible basis and delivered as training rooms, virtual classrooms or standalone e-learning. Call us on 01634 799950 or Email.

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