Management Toolkits

Welcome to the ABM Management Toolkit page (MTKs). MTKs are all about developing the specific skill sets that enable managers to be more targeted and more effective.

MTKs are available in three formats:

  • Training Rooms: our experts train your staff on premises
  • Virtual Classrooms: we deliver interactive learning online via Zoom, Teams or Starleaf
  • E-learning: we provide bespoke interactive self led Articulate RISE 360 digital workbooks and assessment.

We can mix these formats up to and create a programme specifically tailored to meet your needs. Email for more details and pricing.

Browse our catalogue of courses below:

Leadership Styles

We all have a slightly unique leadership ‘style’. But are there other styles that might be appropriate in a given context ?

This course is all about different ways of approaching leadership so that you can choose to deploy a variety of leadership techniques.

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Effective Recruitment

You need to recruit staff. What are your best options ? What are the advantages and disadvantages of different approaches ? Who should you call in to help you ?

We look at a range of approaches to staff recruitment and develop a plan to best suit your needs.

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Making Good Decisions

We’ve all made both good decisions, and in hindsight, bad decisions. But how can we better equip ourselves ?

This course develops your decisions making skillset and gives you more control.

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Risk Control

This course is all about the different methods that we can use to create a risk assessment.

We take a practical and hands on approach to identifying, mitigating and managing risks in a variety of contexts.

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Goal Setting

Setting goals and targets is all about setting out the roadmap that will enable your teams to achieve their objectives.

This course focusses on how to define and communicate your key goals.

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Performance Management

This short course sets out a practical approach to performance management and appraisal.

We look at a range of models but also on the softer skillset of how to raise and discuss difficult issues.

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ABM Management Tool Kits are available on a flexible basis and delivered as training rooms, virtual classrooms or standalone e-learning. Call us on 01634 799950 or Email.

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